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Website Leasing - £100 a month deal

Buying a website is an excellent option for many businesses. It’s how we’ve built our own business. However, we also realise that smaller businesses can’t always afford the upfront outlay or have the back-up to keep the site updated as larger businesses do.

This is where our £100 a month deal comes in. It’s aimed at small businesses and growing businesses who don’t have the need or the budget for a full-time web developer.

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Of course, it’s not limited to just small businesses and if you need more than what we offer, we can create a bespoke package for your business needs.

Some examples to show you of the type of sites:


What’s included?

The offer is for a 5-page website built on WordPress. Plus at least 1 landing page or blog each month that targets your keywords or a topic of interest, then submitting that to Google and Bing for indexing.

How is it paid for?

It’s paid via direct debit which we will send you the link for once you’ve read the terms and conditions. The first payment will come out once the site has been built and you’re happy with it. The site will go live once the first payment has been paid for.

Is there a contract?

Yes. Because of the low price, and to make this offer work for both parties, the contract is for 2 years from when the first payment is made.

Do I own the website after 2 years?

You don’t. You’re in effect leasing a website from us. It’s the same as if you were leasing a car or renting a house. That’s how we’re able to keep the cost so low. However, after 2 years, you can have a total revamp of the site look and style if you so wished. If that’s what you wish to do, you start another 2 year lease. If you’re happy with the site, then after 2 years you’re simply on a month to month contract (via the same direct debit so you don’t need to do anything). If at any point you don’t need the website anymore, you just need to give us a month’s notice and we’ll wrap everything up, no questions asked.

What happens if I already have a website?

As you’ve already paid for a website, we can still work on the site in the same way but you’re simply on a rolling month-to-month contract as opposed to a 2-year contract via the same direct debit.

What about getting found on Google?

Each month we will commit to working on your website. This could be a blog that targets your keywords, a landing page that also targets your keywords (a landing page isn’t a page in your menu but is found when a user types in what you do), or other work such as tweaking the current content.

Within the website build, all pages will have proper SEO friendly page titles, meta descriptions, and header 1 tags (an H1 tag tells Google what that page is all about).

Do you give any ranking guarantees for Google ranking?

No and Google even says you cannot say that to any client. If someone says they can, they’re either lying, getting you ranked for a search term no one uses (called a vanity ranking – but it’ll never result in any enquiries for you), or they’re trying to scam the ranking system. Once Google realises you’re trying to scam it, it will derank your site or even backlist it.

So of course we will try and do all we can and that’s the point of the blogs and landing pages. It’s in our interest to make it work as best as we can so you stay with us. If you wanted 100% dedicated hard-core SEO, check out this page, and prices start at £450p/m.

Can I change the wording on the site and images if I wanted to?

Yes. You’ll be given access to your site to enable you to do just that.

Will my site work on mobile and tablet?

Absolutely. The site will be built on the same plaform we use.

Do I need to provide you with photos and wording?

It would help but if you just don’t have anything, we can do it on your behalf as part of the build at no extra charge.

What if I wanted more than 5 pages?

No problem. Each additional page is £160 as a one-off charge and the monthly payment remains the same.

Can I have an e-commerce shop site to sell products on?

Yes. The integration of the payment system and the inital shop set up would cost an extra £150 set-up fee. We’ll also include a ‘how-to’ video to show how you add your items.

Can I have a reservation system for a restaurant?

Yes. But we would integrate it with a third-party booking system that you would pay separately for directly to them. There would be a £150 one-off set up fee.

What about hosting of the site and the secure padlock?

That’s all part of the monthly charge. Your site will be on our dedicated UK-based server.

Will the cost increase?

Not at all. As long as you’re a continous customer the prices will remain the same. It’s only if you have a break then come back later and if the prices have increased. But the prices won’t increase at all if you have leased a site without a payment break.

Apart from the £100 monthly fee, are there any other costs?

None whatsoever. We’ve tried to make it as transparent as possible. Bear in mind that all costs are subject to VAT though.

You can read the Terms & Conditions here.

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