We recently were talking to a company that gets you ranking on Google’s first page exceptionally quickly for local businesses. Is it too good to be true? Is there such a thing?

We have been tweaking, amending and measuring the amount of hits we get over the course of this year compared to our SEO activity such as social media posts, backlinking, blogs, website amendments etc, and there’s a direct correlation between this and page visits.

So can you short-cut it? In our humble opinion… well yes you can – but only short-term before Google catches on to what you’re up to then severely penalises your site or even blocks it.

Google aren’t stupid and will rank websites that grow organically but would much prefer people to pay for AdWords! Is it worth taking a short-term risk to get penalised? Up there one month, nowhere to be seen the next? No way. As American author Anthony Robbins once wrote is in this books if you do something for short-term gain, you’ll get long-term pain. Or something to that effect. But you get the point.

Besides Google change their algorithm on a regular basis so if you outsource this part of your web maintenance, then is the company with the software on the ball as quickly as they should be? However, the same could be said with all SEO specialists.

We at Brand9 just think it’s a dangerous game to be in then potentially be penalised by trying to short-cut Google’s own system. You’re playing with fire.

Learn how to do it properly, do it well, or don’t do it at all – and let someone who knows what they’re doing do it – the ‘traditional’ way. Yes, it takes longer to do and everyone’s in the same boat. Don’t get into blog-farms, link farms etc. They don’t really care about your position as they’ll move onto someone else with a website – there’s enough of them out there.

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