We all love a bargain and look for great value deals in the run-up to Christmas. We also look for them too.

But throughout the year if we see something we need that we know is priced right, we’ll buy it. So does discounting mean the vendor has over-priced their products in the first place so they can then discount it? Do they push up the price in October to then just slash the price but it’s the same price as it was in September? Or are they desperate to shift some stock and get some sales in? Possibly at least one of the above. Remember the sofa furniture adverts on TV that seemed to have a sale every month? You’d never buy a couch unless it was in the sale!

So are you expecting a half-price flash sale with Brand9 hosting? Or a third off web design services? Sorry to disappoint but that’s not our bag. We’re not being mean, we just trust in the value proposition we have.

For example, we realise you can get cheaper hosting providers. There are more expensive ones as well. We just believe we offer consistent value for money and service standards for our clients in all our offerings whether design, hosting or SEO. More companies should also believe in their offering.

Happy bargain hunting!! 😉