Ahh, the sweet smell of hosting smugness. Think about it for a minute. You run a business and you sell from it and it all goes offline and you don’t know why. You’re losing sales. Fast. How much would you pay to fix it? Even if it’s a standard brochure website, having no site up and running will affect your business credibility and potentially miss sales.

No problem, you think. I’ll get the host I pay a tenner a month to put the back-up on. Really? Good luck with that in getting through to their help-desk. Malware on your site? You’ll just get it removed. Afraid not. Did you opt for the malware protection? Be careful as the hosting provider might take it down as it could affect other sites on the same server. Now what?!

Did you update the theme/s, WordPress version and plugins to keep the site as secure as possible? What, you don’t know either? Your hosting provider wants you to pay extra for that? Is your site running the latest PHP version? What the hell is PHP?! Is it backed up in case of a disaster? If so, how often? You don’t know?! Jeez. And why would you know all this?! No one tells you and you just wanted a website.

Website hosting isn’t something you really think about until it all goes belly-up. We’re passionate about website hosting and get a geeky kick out of making it as safe as it can be. Of course no website will ever be 100% secure but it’s what your hosting provider has as back up plans if the security systems are breached.

We hired what’s called a pen-tester to try and hack into our site (with our blessing) and after 3 days of trying, they couldn’t take it down.

We guarantee that if we can’t recover a version of your website (in the event of an attack) we will build you a new site free of charge. In order for this guarantee to be valid, all we require is that we manage and host the site.