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SEO is the ability to rank higher in google, it stands for Search Engine Optimisation. If you ask most people they will give you the standard answer which is “getting to the top of Google for keywords”.

However, think about the buying process for your business and the sales funnel that’s involved.

At some point, it is very likely that your target customer will use the internet to either research or buy something related to what you do.

The fact is when people are looking for a service (maybe for example SEO Wirral or your service or product), often people don’t know what they don’t know. This means instead of us targeting a keyword such as “Google SEO expert” we should consider what people would be searching for higher up the sales funnel. “how to attract customers to my website” for example or “how to market a website”.

Imagine if we wrote a piece of content that answered these questions in such a way that it was more useful than any other answer found on Google

The idea of Google SEO is to drive visitors to your website at all points of the SEO funnel. So rather than simply trying to rank for “SEO Consultant” we should have a page dedicated to this service and then drive traffic from a number of smaller, less competitive but nevertheless relevant and useful keywords.


SEO can help your business by establishing your business as an authority and useful source of information for your target customers.

The more times you help them the more likely they are to turn to you when they require your service.

Local SEO is similar to national and E-Commerce SEO but due to a different set of search results the focus here should still to offer the best and most useful resource to your customers but to focus upon influencing local searches, for example, if you are a local solicitor you should still be creating content that answers national enquiries because this will influence personalised results and also whether or not the end user clicks on your site or a competitors.

As way of an example a local solicitor could write about topics such as:

  • How much does it cost to see a solicitor?
  • Can I get legal aid for custody of my child?
  • Can I get legal aid for divorce in the UK?

Then when people find these posts they may decide to contact you directly or they may search again in Google and ask another question. If they do this then Google may decide to show YOUR site above a competitors based upon your previous searches.


There’s so many different factors at play here in term of where your business currently is for the search terms you want to be found for, level of competition, volume of those search terms in Google each month, if it’s local or national SEO. You’re in-effect buying time and expertise.

As a starting point, you need to at least budget for £250+vat p/m for local SEO and need to commit to at least 4 months.

Be aware though of agencies talking about a guaranteed ROI on your SEO. SEO is like any other marketing activity, like advertising. You don’t know exactly if you put a huge billboard advert on a main road how much business you got from it.

However, we can at least measure how many more people are visiting your site through searches via Google Analytics – and of course, you can always ask where they found you when a potential client contacts you. But you can’t force clients to buy from you just because you’re in the top 10 of a Google search result, so talk of ROI is hard to predict.

Nevertheless, there are markers such as 90% of people will click on the top result in a search. 70% will only look on page 1 of Google and don’t progress onto page 2. So this will give you some indicators where new business comes from.


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